Monday, 31 March 2014

Therrien finally has it all right. Almost all!

Michel Therrien finally has it all right. Ok, almost all of it!

Yes you read it right, I'm indeed praising the coach of the Montreal Canadiens. In recent games, I have noticed a very different Michel Therrien. He's being much more patient with his offensive lines than he has in the past. After a very short experience with Vanek and Plekanec, Therrien decided to go with Pacioretty-Desharnais-Vanek. Although Vanek was getting his chances in the first few games, he wasn't able to capitalize. Some fans were already crucifying Bergevin and expecting the coach to change his lines. (Bipolar we are) This time Therrien didn't panic. He saw what was happening. Vanek was shooting and creating chances. It was just a matter of time. And now all of a sudden, at the moment, these three guys are playing as well as any #1 line in the NHL.

What I love about this line is much more than the offensive production. For the first time in a while, it's not just about Desharnais looking for Pacciorety, it's about 3 very talented players believing in each other. It's about 3 guys having fun. It's about all 3 players knowing where the other is on the ice and trusting each other. Oh yeah, in case some of you haven't noticed, Vanek is a hell of a passer and playmaker, far from being a guy that can only score goals.

Special teams : Although Brian Gionta is playing some spectacular hockey as of late, his role has changed. Michel Therrien seems to have realized that Gionta is no longer a 30 goal scorer and is using him as he should. Gionta has lost his spot on the powerplay and is now playing on a third line with 2 other veterans. He's being used on the PK, which is a specialty of his. Good job Therrien. Only 1 suggestion to the coach; please don't use Gionta for 26 minutes, ever again!

Only negative note is PK Subban's partner. There's no way that Francis Bouillon should be playing over 20 minutes a game and realistically he shouldn't even be in the lineup.(ok I'd rather have him in than Murray) I can't wait for Josh Gorges to be back so PK can play with the confidence that his partner is not a liability.

Questions :  Is Beaulieu going to be called up? Should he be? Can't he bring more than Murray, Bouillon?


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