Monday, 24 March 2014

Therrien, are you out of your mind?

Michel Therrien's decision to play his backup goalie against the hottest team in the NHL is absurd. Michel Therrien, are you out of your mind?

It's March 24th, the Montréal Canadiens have 10 games left and have 85 points, only 6 points more that the 9th seeded Capitals. Unless there's a disaster habs are indeed going to make the playoffs. However every point is important. Habs need as many points as possible to secure home ice for at least the first round.

The Montréal Canadiens have 2 games in 2 nights. Tonight against the Bruins and tomorrow against the Sabres.

Therrien decided to give the net to Budaj tonight. Unless Price is still hurt and doesnt play tomorrow either, Therrien is a complete baffoon!

There is no valid explanation for this decision. No stats in the world will convince me that Budaj should be playing tonight. I dont care about his record against the Bruins. Come on that doesnt mean anything. You play your best Goalie against the better team and your weaker goalie against the weaker team.

Michel Therrien says the following this morning :
(from the 98.5sports website)
 "L'entraîneur MichelTherrien n'a pas voulu confirmer l'identité de son gardien partant, mais il a noté que son équipe jouait avec«beaucoup de confiance» lorsque Price est dans les buts."

He says his team plays with a lot  of confidence with Price in the net, yet he decides to play Budaj against a team that has won their last 12 games.

I'm hoping that i'm wrong about this one but I have a feeling that tomorrow I wont be as polite as I was today.


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